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Word Of Tears 2

[postlink]http://www.nollytuned.com/2014/03/word-of-tears-2.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhZ_BDZXdzsendofvid [starttext] 2014 movie. A middle aged woman; Mama Emeka has just lost her philanthropic husband. She has single-handedly raised her three children without financial support from her relatives and neighbours but every time she looked to her side and back, her bosom friend Mama Joy was always there through thick and thin. Years have gone by and her children have worked hard and are successful in their various professions but just when she sits back to enjoy the fruit of her labour, a sudden hatred and resentment grew in them towards her and she is totally cast away. "Those who plot the downfall of others will surely meet theirs" [endtext]

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